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Batik is the ancient Indonesian art of waxing, dyeing, boiling and sun drying natural fabrics.
On tropical Java in the spice islands archipelago in Indonesia, craftsmen carve and sculpt wooden or metal "chops" used to hand stamp dye-resistant wax onto cloth to make our shirts.
Dyeing the cloth then boiling out the wax exposes a hand created pattern. It ensures that no two pieces are exactly alike or look mass-produced, and that there is no shrinkage in a machine wash.

Rum Reggae Bali
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Rum Reggae Bali

Rum Reggae men’s and women’s clothing is as unique as the handcrafted process employed to create it. Batik, an ancient Indonesian art form using waxing, dyeing, boiling and sun drying treatments of natural cloths, brings our vibrant prints and colors to life. On the exotic Indonesian “Spice” Islands of Java and Bali are factories using this traditional handicraft method that has been practiced for thousands of years. We have updated and modified the process, but essentially it is still the same wax-resist-dye method developed by artisans in the tropical jungle villages and cities of antiquity.

These hand applied methods of production guarantee that no two pieces are going to look exactly alike or mass produced, although there is a high degree of production coherence. Every garment is a one-off, beautiful piece of wearable art that differs slightly from other pieces in the same motif and color, and of which only the person who purchases it has exactly that copy.

Check out the matching pockets on the men’s and women’s wovens. You’d hardly know that there were pockets on them. The best quality imported cottons and dyestuffs and “super softener” are used in our production, this gives all our fabrics the right balance between a velvet smooth hand yet a reassuring integrity to the feel of the cloth.

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